How to add Video and Audio files to Microsoft Sway?

There does not seem to be any way to automatically play music in the background when watching the entire Sway. The Microsoft service does, however, require you to connect audio cards that contain different sound files. We’ll introduce you to the method of inserting multimedia files in Microsoft Sway in today’s article.

Add Video & Audio files to Microsoft Sway

You may also connect audio files to Sway in various popular audio formats (such as.mp3 and.wav), and upload them to Sway. This way you can produce the perfect outcome and deliver a richer digital content for your viewers.

  • Select Insert tab for Content.
  • Switch to Media page.
  • Select the default Audio, and add an audio file.
  • Press Download on Audio card to enable audio recording.
  • Record audio in Sway.
  • Add to Sway to add video clips.
    Here’s a thorough summary of the above measure.

Add Audio to Sway

  • Open the layout of your Sway material, and press the button ‘Upload Information.’
  • Turn to the tab ‘News,’ and pick ‘Video’ from the collection of options provided.
  • Now, press the ‘Upload an audio file’ tile to scan your computer for the audio clip.
  • Wait till the audio file is processed and added to Sway.
  • Audio recordings will improve your Sway awareness, just like audio files. It may offer the presentation a more dynamic and engaging feel.

Record Audio in Sway

  • Click ‘File’ (mic icon) on the audio card to record recordings.
  • The blinking button will light up after a three-second countdown. It means that you log.
  • When you have done recording press the blinking button and touch the ‘play’ button to show your video.
  • If you are pleased with your recording, then select ‘Attach to Sway’ or select ‘Re-record’ to resume recording. Clicking on the ‘Trash Could’ button will erase your file.

Add Video files to Sway

You may choose to connect video files to Microsoft Sway as shown above.

  1. Select icon ‘Upload Material,’ and pick line ‘News.’
  2. Choose ‘Video’ from the list of choices shown.
  3. Pick ‘My Computer’ from the Suggested pane, then browse and choose the position of the file on your screen.
  4. Wait before the file is effectively read, then connected to Sway

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