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Norton Internet Security or Norton Antivirus products are the essential tools for protecting the computer or digital devices from malware, spyware, Trojans and other virus attacks. For Internet threats Norton products are very effective. Though the installation process of Norton product is easy yet for non-tech people or beginners find some hindrances with the installing procedure. To give you a solution our tech support team will help you and fixes your problem with an ease.

Norton customer support is offering world class solutions to its clients to maintain its reputation amongst the clients who are seeking Norton helpdesk to install, download or activate Norton setup.

What is Norton Product Key?

Norton product key is an 25 characters alphanumeric product key. It’s mostly helps for activate and setup Norton product.

How to find Norton Setup Product Key?

Whether users buy a packaged product online store or at a nearby retail store, the product key is either inside the package or written on a packaging card. If you bought Norton from the official website, then the product key will be in your email confirmation.

The software key for Norton’s setup this type: xxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

norton setup product key

Process to download Norton antivirus on your system

To download Norton antivirus on your system. follow all steps given below:

  •  Open or enable your default internet browser
  • Using official link:
  • You need to sign in process, Click on sign in tab
  • If you have not yet created a Norton account, click on the Create an Account tab.
  • Click download tab and Select the product you want for the Norton setup.
  • Now the user is asked to type in the product key
  • Then, Enter a 25 digit alphanumeric Norton setup product key
  • Move mouse cursor on “Agree & Download”
  • Wait till the Norton setup file is downloaded into your system.
  • Hit on the downloaded file to installing norton with product key
  • Follow on-screen directions for next steps.

Finally, you have done and completed all process.

Steps to install Norton software on your device

To install Norton software on your device. follow all steps given below:

  •  Open or enable your default internet browser once again
  • Type URL
  • You need to Norton account. If don’t have, Create Now on create an account tab
  • Now, do sign in at this time
  • Then, found downloaded file on your system
  • Double tap to open it
  • Click on Run & execute window screen
  • Next screen, User Account Control will appear on your system.
  • Click Yes to continue.
  • It now displays the My Norton Installer interface. Click The Install button.
  • Follow and completed on-screen directions.

Finally, you have done and completed all steps.

Process to activate Norton Setup with product key

In order to activate Norton setup with product key, follow all process given below:

  • Open Norton setup product
  • Click on “Activate Now”
  • Now, put your 25 digit Norton activation code
  • Press on “Activate” to complete Norton setup activation process.
  • Finally, you have done and completed all Norton antivirus process.

Some issue during Norton Activation or installation

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